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Since 1999, Weldo has been servicing all of San Diego. Our Mission is to work diligently and efficiently with every client ensuring a smooth and painless process, while we make their vision into reality.

With our knowledge and experience, it is our goal to attend to our clients needs, going above and beyond their expectations. Long’s Welding is your choice for the highest quality and most innovative ideas in iron metal works and ornamentals.

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  • Superior precise quality welds
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  • Precise control of welding variables

    Introduction Part 1

    Every now and then, people need to reconsider or upgrade their life to make it less tedious and more charismatic. Similarly, our houses also need time-to-time maintenance and renovations to feel like home. 

    Our homes need us to take care of them for any of the following reasons:

    To increase the level of comfort and well-being.

    To deal with safety issues and security concerns.

    To improve the worth of our property.

    To upgrade functions around the place. 

    To modify the ambiance of our home.

    Alternatively, to prepare the house for sale. 

    Moreover, with time people’s concept of living is becoming more and more modernized and cultured. They are willing to spend more money and energy on their homes to upgrade their lifestyle. 

    Suppose you are one of these people who need to upgrade and are looking for someone to build a beautiful yet durable steel or iron gate, fence, staircase, balconies, etc. In that case, your search ends with us. 

    We, the Audi Metal Work Inc, are ready to serve you. The Audi Metal Company has helped construct or renovate thousands of houses around New York over the years. We are reliable, efficient and we have an eye for good design. 

    Our Story

    Audi Metal Work Inc. —— More than 20 years of production and operation, trustworthy service with a good reputation in the market.

    The Audi Metal Work Inc Company has been working in the metal industry for over two decades. Our experience and modernize ideology make us stand out among our competitors. 

    We dominate the market with our versatile stainless steel designs, wrought iron gates, pedestrian doors, fences, wall panels, Balustrades, spiral staircase, burglar guard, stair railings, balconies, and canopies. 

    Our goods and services come in a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors, have exquisite patterns and are of high quality. They are safe, practical, and attractive and can fulfill a wide range of client demands.

    What Does Audi Metal Work Inc Offer? 

    Audi Metal Work Inc. manufactures and deals with all work related to steel iron or wrought iron such as driveway doors, pedestrian doors, railings, siding, fences, steps, burglar barriers, balconies, canopies, and much more. 

    Furthermore, we offer Stainless Steel fabrication to reflect our clients’ personalities and lifestyles. We specialize in general metal fabrications such as a fence, railing, metal doors, and custom metal parts in New York. 

    We smartly design, choose materials, and process independently to meet clients’ specific needs. 

    Besides, focusing on clients’ requirements and modifying the designs the way the client prefers. Also, we take full-fledge responsibility for;

    Manufacturer Procedure,

    On-Site installation, 


    And, then, after-sales maintenance service. 

    Why Chose Audi Metal Work Inc?

    Whether it be interior or exterior, the concept and ideology of designing are evolving day by day. The Audi Metal Company realizes this and modifies its services with time to stay on top of business. 

    We are continually developing and improving ourselves as a metal company. Our experienced craftsmen provide architects and designers with unique and original Stainless steel fabrications, restorations and reproductions created precisely according to our valued customer’s


    We have cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and cutting-edge processing technologies. We ensure that our machines and equipment are updated regularly and can perform their tasks very well.  

    In addition, we have a talented design staff and a competent workforce, which is responsible for ensuring the quality, reliability, and durability of our products. Our crew is friendly and polite. Consider them as your friends and neighbors. Your venture isn’t just “another job” for them; it’s their responsibility and priority and long-term commitment with you.

    Besides our intricate designs and competent workforce, at Audi, we also take client’s satisfaction seriously. We complete our job from beginning to end and deliver quality and reliable craftsmanship throughout. 

    Metal that Audi Offers:

    At Audi’s, we provide the best stainless steel and wrought iron products. Most of our customers ask us about the difference between their durability, cost, and application. Below, we have mentioned all the necessary information that would clear all your doubts. In addition, it will give you a better understanding of stainless steel and wrought iron material and products. 

    Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron

    Gates, Fences, Railings

    The difference:

    Steel and wrought iron gates and fences both provide beauty and attractiveness to your house that other fencing materials cannot beat. Both have strength and durability that can last a lifetime. However, steel and wrought iron, despite their similarities, are two different metals. They have varying levels of carbon and various advantages, so there are a few things to consider when selecting, which is best for your house.

    Let us explain more about stainless steel and wrought iron so that you

    can learn the critical differences between the two metals, including their strength, flexibility, and aesthetics. So, that you can choose the best for your requirements.

     Stainless Steel:

    Stainless steel is described as low-carbon steel that contains 10% chromium and may or may not include additional alloy elements. Due to its strength and corrosion resistance, it is the material of choice for various sectors. The chromium contributes to corrosion resistance and strength. Due to its high tensile strength and low cost, it became a good material for buildings, infrastructure, tools, automobiles, machines, appliances, weapons and ships.

    Wrought iron:

    Wrought iron is a highly low-carbon alloy. Wrought iron has a carbon concentration of less than 0.08 percent, compared to cast iron, which has a 2-4 percent carbon content. The texture of “grain” is attributable to fibrous slag inclusions that are semi-fused. It is a strong and pliable material that is simple to reshaped and weld.  Before the arrival of steel, wrought iron was the most common form of malleable iron. 


    Steel and wrought iron are both solid and unyielding materials that may be used to create long-lasting material. The primary distinction is that wrought iron is made entirely of iron. In contrast, steel’s material is made up of an iron-carbon alloy. Steel is somewhat stronger than wrought iron due to the carbon content, which helps it endure the weather and resist damage.

    On the other hand, wrought iron is more naturally resistant to stress and vibration, which helps to compensate for the metal’s softness. Furthermore, a tiny crack in wrought iron develops gradually, giving you plenty of notice that the gate or fence has to be fixed or replaced. Steel fractures quickly if it is damaged; thus, there is no warning. Furthermore, steel is prone to breaking from a strong impact, which may be problematic in regions prone to natural disasters.

    Welding Process:

    Welders can readily bend and form wrought iron into various fascinating shapes because it is more malleable. When you pick wrought iron, you have a more extensive selection of decorative designs and accents to choose from.

    On the other hand, Welders’ steel is mild. It has just a tiny amount of carbon, making it somewhat stronger throughout the process. It also warms up faster than wrought iron, requiring less energy to manufacture. However, since steel is difficult to form, fine details and design choices are limited. Many steel fence or gate accents are cast in plastic or other materials to obtain the required degree of detail.


    The welding process for both wrought iron and steel may affect the price of a gate, fence, or railing project. Steel products are usually less expensive to produce since it is manufactured quicker and uses less energy. On the other hand, wrought iron requires less effort to shape, which may reduce its total cost, depending on the job.

    When it comes to pricing, the size, the project’s complexity, the kind of metal used all impact. Therefore, incorporating cost into your selection will come down to the personalized quotation you get for your specific design and requirements.


    Wrought iron rusts easily, while steel includes nickel and chromium, which makes it rust-resistant. Steel isn’t as resistant or as long-lasting as iron without these components. Wrought iron, on the other hand, may be rust-free and long-lasting with appropriate maintenance and protection.


    Steel and wrought iron are both attractive on their own and are simple to sand, prime, and paint, making them appear fresh and allowing them to survive the weather. In comparison to wood or aluminum fences, they also offer a similar appearance to your property.

    All in all, The variations are minor, but they should be considered when deciding which metal to use for your home. Wrought iron gates and fences has a royal, Old World grandeur that no other material style can equal, and it gives your property a majestic appearance. It also acquires a stunning patina over time due to oxidation. Steel isn’t quite as classic as wrought iron, but it’s shinier and has a more contemporary appearance.

    Audi’s Metal Work:

    As mentioned above, steel vs. wrought iron gates and fence comparison have demonstrated, these two metal choices have a lot in common. Still, it’s also essential to examine their differences. Because both kinds of metal doors or fences may endure for decades or more, however, still their strength, durability, flexibility, longevity, and aesthetic appeal should all be carefully considered when deciding which is the best choice for your property.

    Now, let us tell you more about Audi’s Stainless steel and wrought iron gates, fences, and railings. We hope all this information will help you make the right decision. 

    Our Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron Gates

    Compared to timber gates, stainless steel or wrought iron gates are more durable, require less maintenance, and are idyllic for all types of weather. Therefore, we at Audi Metal Work Inc prefer them. Mainly, our wrought iron gates are coated with black powder, which enhances the finishing, and adds an extra protection layer. Further, our gates are loaded with,

    Opening and closing latch,

    Adjustable Hinges,

    And drop bolts. 

    Whether it be driveway gates or pedestrian gates, we can make customize them upon the client’s request. The wrought iron gates are

    available in both variations of sliding and swinging doors. Our designs are unique, and prices are highly affordable. We can create any design upon the client’s request and can beat any price. 

    Our Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron Fences

    The stainless steel or wrought iron fences by Audi Metal Work Inc are highly durable. They vary in sizes, designs, and finishing, but they are all elegant. They can be ideal to withstand any weather condition. Unlike bamboo or wood, wrought iron easily lasts up to 12-15 years and even for a lifetime if you keep the maintenance up to date.

    As wrought iron itself is a versatile material and can be molded in any shape. In addition, it can be easily incorporated into any building fences, no matter if they are residential, commercial, medical, or transportation. Moreover, stainless steel products like iron gates, fences, and railings add to the site’s elegance, leaving it more striking. 

    At Audi Metal Work Inc, we have metallurgists who ensure that the wrought iron products we make do not stain or rust. The stainless steel and wrought iron products manufacture by us has a lifetime warranty. 

    A client can get a plain fence or a more delicate one with various designs; the reliability and durability of both are guaranteed. The beautifully intricate designs are our specialty, and we can modify them more upon client request.

    Our Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron Railings

    Our railings are our pride. Our wrought iron railings beautify the whole ambiance of the space. They cover balconies, outside steps, and staircases well. While fulfilling the primary purpose of providing security, they look beautiful aesthetically. They can be made up in any color or size. Also, the wrought iron material covers the curves and bends well, leaving a smooth finish—Moreover, the durability of the

    material and reliability of these railings worth spending every penny. 

    While constructing railings, our company keeps in mind two crucial aspects – design and security. Design leads to design parameters and material selection. We make sure that the quality of the wrought iron products is up to the standard. The material selection is not too thin or weak. The structural force analysis is correct, and the essential parts of the force are durable.

    The second consideration is to adhere to current safety regulations. The height of the stair railing, for example, should be 900-1100mm, with a space of no more than 110mm between rails. The height of the horizontal railing should be 050-1100mm (the above data refers to the construction industry standard).

    Contact Audi Metal Work Inc for More Queries:

    With over 20 years of expertise, we’re pleased to provide home and business owners in the New York region with custom-fabricated decorative gates, fences, spiral staircases, entryways, railings, and other metal projects. We’re confident that no matter how large or little your project is, we can provide quality, elegance, and timelessness that will endure a lifetime. To discover more about our bespoke metal works projects and to get a quotation, contact us now!


    Where is Audi Metal Work Inc Located?

    The Audi Metal Work Inc has located at 182-04 Liberty Ave, Jamaica, NY 11433, United States.  


Introduction Part 2

Are you looking for Quality metal products? Then your hunt is over!

Audi Metal Work Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of metal products in New York. We at Audi Metal Work Inc aim to offer a wide range of professionally designed metal products. Our company strives to build its reputation by offering a wide range of quality metal products.

In today’s ever-changing world, everything is so unpredictable. In order to cope with the challenges and modern trends, Audi Metal Work Inc offers a never-ending variety of new and innovative products. Our creative team designs our metal works professionally. We at Audi metal works Inc focus on minor details. With our timeless dedication to details and a tech-savvy approach towards designing and production, we are making millions of customers happy. 

Since we are detail-oriented, so we examine each and every step. From creative designing to quality material selection, manufacturing, and fitting. We keep our hands on each step until the final product is part of your living space. 

Do you ever wonder how a modern driveway door can make your space look more attractive? How can an aesthetic terrace railing be a game-changer? What role does a beautifully designed staircase can play? How a canopy or awning can make your outdoor experience worth it? 

If these questions keep on popping in your head, then Audi Metal Work Inc is the best answer to all of your questions.

We all want our living areas to look aesthetically pleasing, organized, and as safe as possible. We also want to follow the latest trends when it comes to designing our living spaces. Be it our home, office, restaurant, or any living space. Unique and quality metal works play a considerable part. That’s why Audi Metal Work Inc is on a mission to provide you with the best living experience.

Audi Metal Work Inc deals with the following range of products

We deal with the following range of metal products:

· Stainless Steel

Due to its strength and corrosion resistance, stainless steel is Audi metal work’s material of choice for various products

· Railing

Our robust and nicely finished railings give an aesthetic look to your space.

· Awning

We produce highly durable and budget-friendly awnings 

· Fences and wall panels

Fill the gaps across fence posts with these beautiful wall panels.

· Canopies

Our steel canopies are strong and weather-resistant to give shelter and protection.

· Balconies

We provide custom-made wrought-iron balconies. You can opt for your favorite design that suits your taste.

· Wrought iron driveway gates

Artistic driveway gates both swing and slide styles.

· Pedestrian doors

A secure pedestrian entrance or to show off the entrance to your property.

· Sliding

Our industrial sliding door is made from solid steel. Sliding is built to last longer.

· Balustrades

To complement your existing standard or spiral staircase.

· Stairs

Contemporary spiral staircases; give them some flair by checking out our balustrades.

· Burglar barriers

A perfect safety option for your security and peace of mind.

Audi Metal Work Inc Canopies

Audi metal works canopies are perfect for making your outdoor experience worth it. Enjoy a nice cup of evening tea in your garden sitting under our metal canopy. Or do you love rain or when it snows? Enjoy the beautiful moments and pleasant weather by enjoying under our perfectly built canopies. 

Canopies are best known to provide shade on a bright sunny day. Is it a rainy day? No problem, the canopy is still your go-to. Thus, canopies are outdoor structures with a metal covering. These often have no walls. 

That being said, canopies are not only for outdoor experiences. Canopies and their uses are versatile to be used for any project that requires shelter and protection from certain elements. 

Our canopies are economical. We have a wide variety of affordable options. Our canopies have solid concrete pillars and a strong metal covering, which is perfect for low-budget projects. 

If you’re looking for something that provides a covered space in your garden or if you want a covering to protect your vehicles from harsh weather. The Audi Metal Work Inc tent canopy is the perfect option for you. Especially if you are looking for a canopy that is low in cost and highly durable. 

Why Customers Love Audi Metal Work Inc Canopies?

Audi metal canopy buildings are trendy among our customers for providing a highly durable space. 

Audi’s pre-engineered steel canopy buildings have recently grown in popularity because of their wide range of advantages. Our highly reliable canopies never fail to protect in severe storms.

Are you looking for more canopy inspirations? Now, we are going to list some ways that you can use Audi metal work canopies for your homes or businesses:

Outdoor coverage for sports

Many parks, homes, and businesses nationwide choose Audi metal work canopies to cover basketball courts, tennis courts, and batting cages. Our customers love the high durability of our metal canopies with their stylish designs. 

Storage for Farmers

Ran out of space in your stable? Audi Metal Work Inc canopies are the appropriate solution when an entirely enclosed storage building is costly and unneeded for hay storage. Our strongly built canopies do the job of protecting from harmful elements or harsh weather at an affordable cost. 


Audi metal work canopies can be attached to any new or old building in the form of a lean-to. This is a very famous and affordable way to protect vehicles, equipment, and utilities. Moreover, it provides extra coverage.

Audi Metal Work Inc can add a steel carport or a fully covered parking space for your cars, boats, and other vehicles for convenience for your customers, etc. 

Canopy for Gas Stations

A General Steel Canopy by Audi framework is perfect for protecting gas stations. It is a straightforward approach to cover gas pumps and protect customers from the burning sun, snow, and heavy rain. Your customers will appreciate you for this shelter!

Why should you build an Audi Metal Work Inc canopy instead of a complete building?

Affordable:   Audi metal work canopies are a very affordable option for those looking for an economical, pocket-friendly option. You can easily save your money on labor costs because most of our canopies can be easy but with no fancy equipment. 

Easy to build: Most of our steel canopies can be constructed quickly with little effort and a small crew. There’s no such need to hire expensive construction companies or workforce. Our steel panels are pre-cut at the factory to make it easy to assemble your canopy. For our customer’s convenience, we provide the necessary hardware that secures the steel panels together to make the canopy.

Durable: Our canopies are built to last for decades. Our professional quality products use the best material for higher durability. The robust steel provides a vital structure that can stand firm against the most severe weather conditions like vicious storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. 

Why Should You Choose An Arched Canopy?

The strength of an arched canopy design makes it perfect for winds and snowstorms. Audi metal work’s highly durable canopies can stand firm against 190 mph winds. 

Why Should You Choose Audi Metal Work’s Steel Canopy?

When you choose our trendy canopy built with steel, you’re choosing a metal product that is immensely strong and durable. Audi’s metal canopies are specifically designed to protect all your valuable assets stored beneath them while never failing to give an aesthetically pleasing look.

Advantages of steel over wood or fabric canopies:

More Strength

Audi metal work’s heavy grade steel makes the canopies solid and long-lasting. Such canopies can stand firm against any accidents or bumps that might occur at a workstation. Unlike the less intense fabric buildings, Audi’s steel canopies can’t tear or rip apart.

It is very commonly observed that a rip in a delicate fabric canopy can quickly spread across the entire structure. Thus, exposing the materials inside to extreme elements. 


Wooden canopies are highly vulnerable to damage, fire, pests, and rotting. A wooden canopy that is not maintained correctly can be a massive thorn in the throat and loses its charm with time. 

Fabric and wooden canopies are also vulnerable to mold or rot. Furthermore, fabric canopies have a short lifespan than steel canopies because strong winds can cause the fabric to rub with the metal, thus damaging it.

So, it means that if you go for a fabric or wood canopy, you would have to keep purchasing the replacement after some time. This further leads to high maintenance costs and proves to be uneconomical.

How Big Can Your Canopy Be?

The strength of the arch system allows Audi Metal Work’s canopies to be as big or as minor according to your need–with lengths ranging from 17′ to 40′ and widths that are ranging from 13′ to 20′.

Why Choose Audi Metal Work Inc For Your Canopy Or Awnings?

Whether you’re working on a simple project that requires a minimalistic approach towards building a canopy. Or you are looking for a design that needs additional support from an engineer or an architect, you can always count on Audi Metal Work Company. Our 20 years of metal building experience can efficiently solve all your designing and product needs. 

Audis stainless steel, balconies, terrace railings, staircase, canopies, awnings, and driveway gates are manufactured to perfection by our dedicated team of highly skilled individuals. Our products are made with high-quality metal that is processed to withstand harsh external elements and unpredictable weather. 

Why Chose Audi Metal Work Inc?

Audi Metal Work is an employee-owned company. Our extensive factory in New York has been making professional metal products for twenty years. We’ve always focused on capturing years of experience into a training method of staff development. With our experience-driven efficiency, we have managed to be the PROBLEM SOLVERS. Hence, let us know your problems, and we’ll come up with the best solutions.

We at Audi metal work are bringing together a team approach to design. We are committed to providing valuable metal products to our customers. We are proud to say that we have modern tools and advanced production equipment. Our creative and robust design team works to provide visionary solutions to everyday problems. There is a hint of acceleration using modern processing technology with a tool-driven approach to design and production.

Products produced by Audi Company have a variety of styles. We offer unique styles, beautiful colors, and highly exquisite patterns. With reliable quality, we make sure that our products are safe for the environment and easy to handle.

Our Priority? Customer Satisfaction.

 It is our priority at Audi’s to satisfy our customers. We can design, select material and manufacture according to the specific requirements of our dear customers. It is our responsibility to do on-site installation of all sold products. We also offer after-sales maintenance services. 

 We are customer targeted, so we strive to build long-term and personal relationships with our clients. We see the production process not only from the crafted side but from the client’s side too. We strongly believe in this – we go to great lengths to ensure our valuable clients receive the best metal products and services. 

We specialize in our modern and stylish concepts and designs. We also believe in beauty by simplicity, so keep an eye out for our minimal designs.

Contact Audi Metal Work Inc for More Queries:

With over 20 years of making professional quality metal products, we’re committed to providing home and business owners in the New York region with durable custom-fabricated decorative gates, fences, spiral

staircases, entryways, railings, and other metal projects. We’re confident that no matter how large or little your project is, we can provide quality, elegance, and timelessness that will endure a lifetime. To discover more about our bespoke metal works projects and to get a quotation, contact us now!

Where is Audi Metal Work Inc Located?

The Audi Metal Work Inc has located at 182-04 Liberty Ave, Jamaica, NY 11433, United States.  


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